Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been keeping up, but between work, stress over finances, Thanksgiving, ya da ya da ya da, I haven't even give my shop much of a look at. Hopefully, things will become more stable come Sunday. Tomorrow, my parents are bringing up my stuff, including all my fabric. And come next week, it'll be my first paycheck, so hopefully I'll stress a little less with finances. Though I'm not holding my breath.

Speaking of being stressed over finances. Here's your coupon for Black Friday, expires Monday 12am EST. 112511 Is your coupon code for 25% off. (Incase you forget, today's date is 11/25/11) Enjoy. :)

Well, so much to do, so little time. Talk to you guys soon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Coupon Friday!

Hey guys. Well, nothing but inspirations was made yesterday. A lot from The Girl In The Fireplace episode of Doctor Who. I managed to think up an entire lace, flower, and pearl line to be able to be made asap. Though before those things can be made, I need money for supplies. Good thing I think I'm starting next week at the Dollar Tree.

As for coupon friday, a small coupon, type in FIVEOFF when you check out and receive 5% off your purchase. This coupon will last this week, and then next week will be a Black Friday only coupon.

Well, good day everyone.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Future Contests?

Hey guys. Well, despite all the good attentions in the world, I just couldn't get myself to get anything done. I just felt so tired then. But hopefully it should be better. I am going to have wireless set up tomorrow and I have my own little space to work. I'll hopefully figure out what to do.

I also found out what brand that yarn was for the scarf, hopefully I can find it on their website.

As for it being contest, raffles, etc Thursday, since a) no one reads this yet and b) I don't have much to offer, I want to hear suggestions from anyone. What kind of contest/raffle? What should be the prize? Etc. Please comment. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Picture Post

Hey guys. Well, I've been working on my shop. Little by little it's getting to where I want it to be.

I got a job at Dollar Tree, will be starting there soon. I will have money for more supplies before I know it.


Little scarf project I am working on. As soon as I find more yarn, I'll continue. I wanna make it Doctor Who Length to put up.


Me working on the scarf.


Working on a new project. Might make it into a yarn necklace.


Trying to figure out what to do with that little bit of lace left. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has them.


Surfing the web. I can't be working all the time can I? :)

Me and my future mother in law found this amazing trunk in Goodwill. $80 right now, but we want it desperately! We're currently figuring out the best way t get it. Worse case scenario next to it being sold before we get it is that we need to wait till next week for my fiance's paycheck so that way we have the $80 to get it.

Well, I should be getting off. I am making this ahead of time so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chain Mail

Hey guys. Well, yesterday could have been a more productive day. I found out that I need not only more yarn for the scarf I am making for etsy, in the same 3 color fade. But I also need some more lace, I pay $6 for a thing of lace and it's enough for one necklace. Granted there's some left over but not even enough for a choker, hopefully I'll figure out what to do with it. I got an interview today for a job though so hopefully I can afford more lace soon.

Well, it's Tutorial Tuesday, and this week's tutorial is...

My favorite tutorial on how to make a patch of 4 in 1 chain mail. I found this one incredibly useful if you're learning and need to know where to start. Practice makes perfect though.

Well, I better get moving between the shop and the job interview. See you folks tomorrow.

Monday, November 14, 2011

First Blog Post

Hello. My name is Ahmetia Campbell. I am currently living in Hampton, New Hampshire in a basement with my loving fiance, Mikey, and his mother, April. I opened my etsy shop before moving up from New Jersey. Talk about bad timing to open an etsy shop huh? But with some elbow grease and dedication, I hope to flood everyone with cute little crafts.

A little more about me. I am also an inspiring film maker. I am a part of a group called Butchers of Cinema Bay which I hope will take off eventually...when we can ever meet. Ha ha!

I also plan on making webcomics when one is inspired. But I'll be mentioning those as those projects come up.

I inspire to be a writer and currently have over a dozen unfinished books and stories. YIKES!

As you guys might have guessed, I am an over-doer procrastinator. I have another blog on this site too about that. But with some tools at my disposal, goals in mind, and loving friends and family behind me, I hope to be able to do it all!

I also like going to conventions, particularly Wicked Faire, Steampunk World's Fair, AnimeNext, Ubercon, Faerie Con, and I'm hoping next year, Dragon*Con and Comic-Con. I love meeting people there, making friends, and seeing the friends from the year before.

About my shop, I decided to open the shop because I have a lot of arts and crafts ideas I want to share with others. I chose the name Crimson Road Crafts because I wanted to picture a mysterious road, and a gypsy, a master of all trades, selling her wares.

Incase you were wondering. This blog is going to hopefully have a lot to it based off of the day of the week.

Sunday: Coming This Week! - Where I announce a new featured product that will be up by the end of the week.

Monday: New From My Favorites - Where I show some of my favorite items being sold on etsy.

Tuesday: Tutorial Tuesday! - Where I share a tutorial on your own projects. (recipes count too :-P)

Wednesday: Sneak Peak Photos - Where I share photos while working.

Thursday: Contest and Raffles - Where I share a means to win either my own handmade item or perhaps a craft item, or something else on etsy, or, who knows.

Friday: Friday Coupons! - Once I learn how to make coupons, I'll be sharing codes for those who read my blog.

Saturday: New Products - Products made that week as well as the new featured item.

Well, since it's still technically Monday when I post this, I might as well share!

Repurposed Vintage Bottle: Rustic French from Cloth and Patina.

I love all things vintage. So when I saw this bottle featured. I had to add it to my favorites. This is meant to remind you of a french perfume bottle. Personally, I see a bottle of french absinthe. But then I love the idea of something who's mascot is a devious little faerie. I could easily see this sitting in my home, filled with home perfume, and having a few hemp twisted reeds. Or, hidden from family when they come over for a drink. Ha ha ha.

Well, that is it from me till tomorrow. Night folks!