Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tutorial Strawberry

Hey guys. Well, nothing as far as the shop is going on right now unfortunately. I got other things I had to worry about yesterday. Go to my other blog to find out what those things were. I am still thinking about the shop though. Mostly, figuring out more products and different variety of products.

Anyway, Tutorial Tuesday!!

Hope you guys like this tutorial. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Favorite Item Monday

Hey guys. I know, it has been a long long while. It was either because I was focusing more on my shop and my etsy teams, working on finding a new jobs (because I need full time), working on finding a place to get out of here, or I was just procrastinating. But I plan on getting back on track and post everyday before work or errands.

There's lots of new items from my shop since last I posted! And I actually found a camera to put them up during a period where I was working on my shop but not posting up here. That being said, said camera was over $300. OUCH! So I would really like to hear back from you about my shop and maybe what you'd like to see from it.

Well...it's Monday...

I just had to share this because it's too adorable! I found this while looking for a gift for my soon-to-be new baby cousin, Colton. (My Aunt's in labor today actually, we have a new Cancer child in the family :) (the sign not the horrible disease) )  But I didn't think this was appropriate for a baby boy and my mom said his nursery was jungle themed. From the etsy shop Mitts and Muffs if my cousin was going to be a girl, I definitely would have snatched this up for $22 + shipping.

Well, that is all from me for now. See you folks tomorrow.